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Foodie, drinkie, and lover of fun things. Happily married father of two wonderful, self-sufficient adults. Uncle & Great Uncle to a large cast of wonderful Nieces & Nephews. Cooking & looking for good things to cook have become a passion. Tell me you love what I prepared or that my kids are great & you own me!

Seafood Fra Diavolo (Brother Devil)

Seafood is good with me, any way you want to prepare it, from sashimi to fish n chips. But my favorite way to enjoy it is Fra Diavolo style. Fresh fish and shellfish, in a spicy Italian broth, with pasta … Continue reading

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Pork Chops with Vinegar Peppers

When my beautiful wife and I moved back to NJ from Houston years ago, perhaps the most anticipatory part of it for me was that I would once again have easy access to restaurants serving authentic Italian food.  Texans, don’t … Continue reading

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West Indies Style Salmon in Foil

I grew up landlocked in the Midwest andWest Texas.  For me, seafood was a fried shrimp basket or catfish fillets dredged in cornmeal and fried golden brown.  Until I found myself on the west coast as a 19 year old … Continue reading

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Cauliflower Steak??

I have seen a few recipes touting eggplant “steak” and even tried a couple.  While they are usually a tasty accompaniment to a meal which includes a protein of some kind, the term “steak” leads me to believe the main … Continue reading

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Breakfast In Santa Fe

My beautiful wife and I had planned a side trip to Santa Fe, when we were visiting family in West Texas a couple years ago.  Two things that are always constants for me are:  I’m the first one who’s in … Continue reading

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Welcome to Man in an Apron!

I know, what’s cooler, sexier and more awe-inspiring than a man in an apron, right?  Add to that image that the man in question is in his mid fifties and hasn’t lost a head hair in the shower since the … Continue reading

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